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How I spent my Valentine's Day by Klingon Vanna White

Valentines Day can be difficult for people who aren't in idealized relationships with people they are obsessed with. Since Shecky Davis Jr. is unable to return my calls I decided to spend the day in my San Francisco Cat Sanctuary, Klingon Vanna White's Kitty Kat Koral.

The Kitty Kat Koral is located in San Francisco's Mission district in a lavishly appointed 450 square foot studio rented out at a reasonable $4000 a month. We currently have only 47.5 cats on site.

Since the love of my life, Shecky Davis Jr., is unable to spend the day with me due to the multiple restraining orders I have thrown myself into my art and have made a new album, Klingon Vanna White's "Music to Pet Cats By". Inspired by the signature sound created by Yoko Ono I have made soothing lullabys for the Cats to dance on the ceiling....and in my hair... and off the wall... They are delighted by the sound.

For more information about how to buy my album watch our Speakeasily Episode. It has a pasty fashion show for the ladies, a hot bq boy, and a James Bond performance that's absolutely mind blowing.

photo 3 copy 2_edited.JPG

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