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There is no sanctuary! Carousel is a lie!!


Babs Bernsteinowitz aka “The Klingon Vanna White” faces eviction due to Cat Gentrification.

Klingon Vanna White’s Kitty Kat Koral, a cat sanctuary located in San Francisco’s up and coming Mission district has received an eviction notice due to "noise complaints and animal hoarding". Ms. Bernsteinowitz believes the eviction is a ploy to remove her cat sanctuary from the building so the landlord can rent her 450 square foot studio for the current market rate of $6,500. (Currently Babs Bernsteinowitz, aka Klingon Vanna White, is paying $4,000 for the studio.)

Ms. Bernsteinowitz contends that the issues with the noise and the animal hoarding only came up after she refused to pay an additional $1,500 for her parking space. She also states that the people in the building lodging complaints are upset because she's only paying $4,000 for her studio apartment cat sanctuary and that the “nuevo riche libertarian douchebags” think she's a "taker" and "cat-hoarder" for paying such a ridiculously low price for studio in the Mission for her and the 47.5 cats in her sanctuary.

She contends that the studio apartment next to her houses an engineering sweat shop as 5 guys are living in it and paying $5,750 a month to share two futons on a floor, business class wifi, and a toilet. She goes on to accuse them of “Engineer hoarding”.

For more information about Klingon Vanna White’s Kitty Kat Koral please go here.

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