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A Night of the Shats!!!!!! You won't want it to ever end!!!

OMGERD NERGASTICAL!!!!! I will be hosting a William Shattner Triple Feature at San Francisco's ROXIE Theater on March 22, 2014. It is a Saturday. There will be three films all staring my hero Captain Kirk as his alter ego Actor William Shatner. The Great Man plays a drunken priest, a Psycho ladykiller in leisure suits and then as Captain Kirk himself in a Space Revenge Film when one of his enemies comes back 15 years later, after going totally off the reservation, and tries to kill him with his orange pectoral muscles.

It will be amazing. You can buy tickets to this awesome event here!!!

#williamshatner #captainkirk #revengeofkhan #impulse #horrorat37000feet #satan #drunkenpriest #psycho #nergasm

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