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What a Whirl

It has been a whirlwind couple of months for Klingon Vanna White. We did the Speakeasily show before our Summer Break and now we’re on the cusp of the Speakeasily World Tour where we go to the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and then to Comic Con in San Diego. Ah it is great to see the world.

I MCed two Burlesque shows for Bombshell Betty. One at the Elbo Room cohosting with my future ex husband Shecky Davis Jr. and Odessa Lil. And then I went solo at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention BayCon. OMG what an honor! It was as fun as the Shatner Tribute at the Roxie in March. I wasn’t able to bring my Shatantric Witches to BayCon but I was able to pull off the Shatanic Ritual in all it’s glory. I think it's because of all the extra time I put in with my Shatner love doll I made out of paper mache. Maybe next year I can bring all the witches to Baycon's for their Women of Wonder Convention. But even without scantily clad women I believe the Great Warrior would be proud. I await his cease and desist with anticipation!

Over the last year, I have received countless emails about my origin, where I come from, and if I deliver, that I have created a video that will answer some of your questions and probably prompt more. Please watch “Klingon Vanna White: Behind the Sequins” for more questions than answers.

And a final warning, this Thursday Speakeasily will be in Las Vegas. Bolt your doors and hide your sons.


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